Why Trade Shows Still Work for Business

In 2019, we aim to focus some our targeted marketing campaigns on attracting the younger generation of oil sands professional, while retaining or re-attracting the older generation. And to do that, we are focusing the programming, as well as the exhibitor base, to focus on issues, challenges and topics that have been suggested through our attendee-based surveys.

More than 80% of our attendees surveyed feel the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show made a positive impact on them, and the trade show and conference programming was very good.  Here are just a few individual comments from Operators on the topics, services, and products they would like to see reflected at the Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show.

“Mining labour and equipment shortages & challenges. Fly in-out issues in the region.”
“Cost reduction, new technology, Ops and maintenance.”
“Instrumentation and control systems applicable in the running industry. Also Instrumentation used in the Upgraders.”
“New technology, what is being developed Evaporator technologies.”
“Mining mobile equipment maintenance & facilities”
“Continue to focus on companies that provide water management. Would like to see more sulphur and waste management companies.”
“Emphasis on Environmental monitoring and control factors supported by Oil sands industries.”
“More Environmental: GHG emissions, leak detection, etc.”

One of the key findings from the first-timers, was that they enjoyed walking the trade show floor and were able to get up close and personal with the technology – some of them seeing it at work for the first time.  This is the power of showcasing your technologies, products and services.

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