Operations and Maint Session: Floating Point Location, Fluid Flow Efficiency and Safety of Terminal Operations

  • Session: Operations and Maintenance
  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • 10:30 am - 11:00 am

The goal of this presentation is to show how fluid flow efficiencies and safety of terminal operations can be improved, especially when shipping higher temperature fluids outgoing from SAGD plants.

Cost efficiencies and safety of terminal operations during simultaneous injection and delivery (floating) of High Vapor Pressure or High Temperature products are affected by the need of additional and costly equipment as Vapor Recovery Units or other to deal with vaporization at atmospheric tanks.  The proper location of floating points in terminals – using pressure gradients and simulations as required – will result in lower viscosity/density fluids leaving terminals; less use of energy, none/lesser vaporization, and lower equipment cost since the need of VRU/others may be reduced or completely eliminated.