Environmental Session: Redefining Pollution Control

  • Session: Environmental Innovations
  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • 11:00 am - 11:30 am

The presentation addresses ‘Redefining Pollution Control’ via a newly developed multi-pass Environmental Protection Device (UV-DOX Reactor) effectively mitigating air contamination caused by harmful organisms, noxious odours and toxic chemical substances.

Fugitive chemical emissions and germ-laden air circulation systems are common instigators of detrimental health and environmental issues.  Annual premature human deaths due to air pollution have been estimated at 7,700 in Canada, 200,000 in the USA and a staggering 7 million globally.

UVC light already has a proven history of pungent air and germicidal reduction.  In addition to achieving superior odour and harmful organism destruction, the UV-DOX Reactor (combining UV light, internal catalytic coating and unique baffle system) is also capable of breaking chemical bonds of various VOC’s, thereby effectively diminishing air pollution. For example, lab tests achieved 99.9% destruction of lethal Sulfur Dioxide, 99.0% toxic Ammonia, 98.5% deadly Hydrogen Sulfide, 97.9% carcinogenic Benzene and 96.4% dangerous Nitrogen Oxides.