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Oil Sands Industry

Alberta's oil sands has the fourth-largest proven oil reserves in the world, after Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Alberta's oil sands’ proven reserves are equal to about 158.9 billion barrels (bbl).

In 2022, about 138,000 people were employed in Alberta’s upstream energy sector. Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey.

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Oil sands royalties and information, legislation, reporting, public offerings and sales.

Oil sand is a naturally occurring mixture of sand, clay or other minerals, water and bitumen, which is a heavy and extremely viscous oil. It must be processed before it can be used by refineries to produce fuels such as gasoline and diesel. The Athabasca deposit is the largest, most developed oil sands project in Alberta. It utilizes the most technologically advanced production processes. As more research is done, new technologies are increasing the treatment methods available to oil sands producers. Alberta’s oil sands’ proven reserves are equal to about 158.9 billion barrels (bbl). Oil sands can also be found in several locations around the globe, including Venezuela, the United States and Russia.

We Take Action for a Future that Balances People and Prosperity

Canada Action is a grassroots organization that encourages Canadians to work together to take action in support of our vital natural resource sectors and the communities and families they support.

Founded in 2010, Canada Action promotes non-partisan, and fact-based information about Canada’s natural resource industries and supports the millions of workers who rely on these sectors to provide for their families. Over time, we’ve grown into a nationwide movement that’s become a leading voice whose efforts continue to be guided by our founding mission to provide positive, fact-based and non-partisan information for a balanced conversation about: 

  • Mining
  • Oil
  • Natural gas
  • Forestry
  • Renewables
  • Agriculture

As Canadians from a variety of backgrounds, we’re united by a simple idea — that we all must educate ourselves about not just the economic benefits provided by our natural resource sector, but also its commitment to transparency and human rights.

We’re strong supporters of Canadian energy and resources because we know just how important these industries are to Canada’s present and future prosperity.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) is a non-partisan, research-based industry association that advocates on behalf of our member companies, large and small, that explore for, develop, and produce oil and natural gas throughout Canada. Our associate members provide a wide range of services that support the upstream industry.

CAPP’s members produce nearly three quarters of Canada’s annual oil and natural gas production and provide approximately 450,000 direct and indirect jobs in nearly all regions of Canada. According to the most recently published data, the industry contributes over $70 billion to Canada’s GDP, as well as $45 billion in taxes and royalties to governments across the country. CAPP is a solution-oriented partner and works with all levels of government to ensure a thriving Canadian oil and natural gas industry.

We strive to meet the need for safe, reliable, affordable, and responsibly produced energy, for Canada and the world. We are proud to amplify industry efforts to reduce GHG emissions from oil and gas production and support Indigenous participation and prosperity.

The Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA) is a member-focused, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to transforming our industry into the world’s most responsible and innovative oil producer.

Founded in 1986, CHOA strengthens Canada’s energy sector and accelerates the careers of our members through a wide range of technical, educational, and networking resources and events. Together, these expand the knowledge, relationships and influence of our members and sponsors within the heavy oil and oil sands community – and beyond. CHOA promotes meaningful information exchange with the public, but does not engage in lobbying.

CHOA has:

  • Approximately 2,000 individual members
  • Over two dozen Annual Sponsor organizations
  • An extended audience of over 11,000 through its social media and email channels
  • CHOA embraces the vision of Canada being the world’s most innovative, sustainable oil producer, and is here to create opportunities and space that can spark the shifts and drive the advances our industry needs.

The CIM Oil Sands Branch is about community, networking and sharing technical knowledge in the Wood Buffalo region. The branch works with other local groups, such as the local chapter of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, & Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGA). The CIM meetings qualify for professional development points that APEGA members must earn throughout the year. The branch is actively involved in the community, annually doing fundraisers to support the Northern Lights Foundation, which raises funds to support and promote health care in the Region of Wood Buffalo.

In the last couple of years, the branch has been rejuvenated. In 2017, we had 4 technical talks with 10-30 people in attendance. Our golf tournament was sold out at 144 golfers and we raised $22,808 for local health care. In the future we plan on continuing this trend with even more technical talks and events.