16 Jun 2020

K1 Series – Mid Sole Cleat


Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims, representing more than 20% of all job-related injuries.  It is estimated that slip and fall injuries in North America lead to over 100 million lost workdays each year at an annual cost of $36 billion.  In the Oil and Gas sector, slips and falls are one of the three main reasons for lost workdays, representing more than 11% of absences due to workplace injuries.  The incidence of slips and falls are heightened during the winter when persistent ice and snow compound the risk of dangerous conditions at challenging work sites.

When the snow begins to fall, job sites become increasingly hazardous which means it is critically important that employees are provided a pair of ice cleats to ensure their safety.  When worn outside during the winter, ice cleats penetrate the snow and ice to prevent an employee from losing their footing in tough and slippery environments.

Winter traction technology has improved rapidly over the last five years leading to advances in effectiveness, functionality, and employee compliance.  There are three types of ice cleats on the market today: the mid-sole, the heel-stop and the traditional full-sole.  In recent years, the mid-sole ice cleat has become the industry standard for winter traction.  The K1 Mid-Sole ice cleat from Geroline Industrial Safety Products is the grip that changed the traction game.  With the K1 Mid-Sole, Geroline has pushed the boundaries of winter traction, offering a smarter, safer ice cleat.  Most importantly, the K1 Mid-Sole is the only certified intrinsically safe ice cleat available in North America, a feature that is increasingly required on site.

The K1 Mid-Sole has several advantages when compared to the traditional full-sole ice cleat:

  • The K1 Mid-Sole ice cleat features a one-size fits-all design
  • The K1 Mid-Sole ice cleat can be rotated to the top of the boot when transitioning indoors, driving a vehicle or climbing a ladder – this means employees do not have to take the cleats on and off to suit different work environments
  • The K1 Mid-Sole ice cleat can be placed on a boot at the beginning of the season and kept on for the entire winter
  • The high-visibility strap on the K1 Mid-Sole ice cleat is ideal for industrial work environments
  • The K1 Mid-Sole ice cleat is available in slim, low profile, original and high profile for varying footwear designs and styles
  • The entire K1 Mid-Sole ice cleat product line is available with an intrinsically safe construction
  • The functionality and ease of use of the K1 Mid-Sole ice cleat leads to drastic improvements in employee compliance with slip and fall prevention policies

Are you prepared?  To request a sample of the K1 Mid-Sole ice cleat visit the K1 Series website, stop by their booth at the show or reach out to a K1 winter traction specialist by email or telephone below.

K1 Series Mid Sole Ice Cleat




Website: www.k1series.com

Email: k1series@geroline.com

Telephone: 905-892-6000 or 1-844-K1-CLEAT