Oil Sands Expo


Our main goal is to help the environment, focusing on water.We are a company specialized in making oil absorbent products, with utility patents on new designs, starting from making the raw material into microfibers. We have many years of manufacturing experience. Our new development is an oil absorbent float, to absorb oil on water. This development revolutionizes the way oil spills on water are picked up. The standard float absorbs 10 Liters of oil. It has a line that allows the float to be thrown and retrieved very easily. It is ergonomic and very convenient to use and dispose afterwards.Because of the way it is built, the oil is absorbed much faster than conventional existing methods. Due its easy deployment, a big area can be covered fast.

Exhibit Hall C

Booth 3310

2-10 Kenmore Avenue, Stoney Creek, ON, Canada L8E 5N1

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