Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show

Futuro Energy Renewable Solutions

Power Sparks Electric: Develop the most green and efficient piece of equipment in the market up to date, and the only piece of equipment of this kind in North America capable to perform under our weather conditions and with that 95% reduction CO2.

Our Solar/Wind Hybrid light towers have been demonstrated to have the best performance in Northern of Alberta improving and reducing the following :

  • An average of 40 Ton p/year in Greenhouse and CO2 emissions.
  • An average of 15,000 Litres of diesel p/year.
  • Approximately $ 60K in the Operational cost p/year.
  • A very significant impact in Safety reducing the traffic and possible spills.
Our technologies can be modified and adapted for many different applications as per Client’s needs and requirements.

Project Startup Zone - Exhibit Hall B

Booth 2008

128 Piven Place, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4M4 Canada

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