Oil Sands Conference & Trade Show

Cullen Diesel Power Ltd.

Cullen Diesel is the Canadian distributor for TDI start systems. TDI pioneered turbine air starters for reciprocating engines in 1979 by delivering reliable performance in the world’s harshest environments. Their reputation and market share has grown ever since — making TDI TurboTwin and TurboStart the most prevalent turbine air starters in the oil and gas industry, on the open waters, at utility power plants, and on mining vehicles around the world. Today, TDI continues to assure critical engine availability with new air starters, start systems, and auxiliary equipment to make all aspects of engine starting operation even more reliable and efficient. TDI boasts the industry’s most knowledgeable field distributors and technical support team to assist customers and OEMs with new solutions for assuring engine availability. Contact us to discuss ways to make your engine air starting more reliable.

Exhibit Hall B

Booth 2215

333-28 Street South, Lethbridge, AB T1J 3S7

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