Promote Your Company’s Oil Sands Innovations and Technologies

More Live Demonstrations. More Education. More Equipment. More Face-to-Face Interactions.

The oil sands continue to be a driving force behind Canada’s economy, generating billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. Operators are seeking new technologies, innovations and improved business efficiencies to push their organizations forward.

We are all about creating interactive sponsorships that both promotes your brand, but more importantly puts you in front of your prospective customers.  The best sponsorships have pre-show exposure, on-site exposure and activation, and post-show follow up and measurement.  We offer a number of options with a variety of benefits, depending on the goals of your organization. 

Not looking for the sponsorship that meets your specifics needs or budget?  No problem! Lets work together to create a package that meets your needs, your budget and delivers an outstanding return on investment.

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