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Independent research confirms Fort McMurray is clearly very important in the purchasing and purchase influence processes for operators, EPC’s and their contractors for products and services associated to mining, drilling, processing and transporting bitumen.  While head office may serve as the final point of major purchasing decisions, these purchases are heavily influenced facility management, engineers, technicians located within close proximity to Fort McMurray, the natural home of the Oil Sands Trade Show and Conference

Are you a leader in asset maximization?

The Oil Sands Trade Show and Conference returns to Fort McMurray with a renewed focus on promoting the latest technologies, innovations and business efficiencies in the areas of facility operations, maintenance, shutdown/turnarounds, mining, upgrading, health & safety, and environmental strategies.

About the Exhibition

Alberta’ oil sands producers seek solutions to reduce their operating costs and improve their efficiencies to drive up shareholder value and ensure their businesses are sustainable for generations to come.

To better meet the requirements of operators, new Oil Sands Product and Education Zones are incorporated within the 2017 Oil Sands Trade Show and Conference floor plan.

Consider promoting your products and services in one of the following Oil Sands Product Zones:

  Digital Oilsands

From hardware to software, from asset tracking to communications, and from automation to the Internet of Things, the Digital Oil Sands Zone features the latest in the world high tech.

  Environmental Solutions

Operators seek solutions and innovations for water reuse, emissions controls and tailings ponds; can they find your company in the Environmental Solutions Zones?


While the mass of oil sands are mined, operators are constantly pursuing ingenuity and efficiencies to lower costs and maximize returns.  What are the next hot products that saves time, energy and money?

  Production Optimization, Enhanced Recovery and Uplifting

If it cannot be mined, the asset must be drilled; and the eye on the prize is discovering how to get more using less.

  Turnarounds & Maintenance

Oil sands are tough on equipment and facilities; and downtime is not an option.  Replacement cycles are longer, maintenance cycles and schedules are more critical, energy efficiency and product resilience are demanded. Buyers want to pay less, and obtain greater utilization of assets. Can your product outlast the competitors?

  Upgrading, Blending & Storage

Operators are constantly improving the science in developing the product to get it to market quickly and cost effectively.

  Work Safe

Safety is a major consideration in on-site maintenance and is seen as having a significant and direct influence on operating efficiency and cost reduction.

Showcased Products and Services

Engineering & Construction

Environmental Technologies, Services

Field Services

Government & Regulatory

Health, Safety & Security

Information & Communications

Instrumentation, Systems, Automation


Oilfield Equipment

Operations & Maintenance

Research & Development

Software & Technology

Transportation & Logistics

Technology & Mobile Applications

Exploration & Mining