Ohl Gutermuth Industrial Valves

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Helmershauser Strasse 9 + 12
Altenstadt, Hessen - Germany - 63674
The Company OHL Gutermuth emerged from the firms OHL(founded in 1867) and Gutermuth (founded in 1923). Specializing in tailor made control and shut off valves, OHL Gutermuth is the right choice when it comes to regulating the flow of gases, vapors, liquids and granulates in a safe and economic way. Others simply sell products we offer customer-orientated solutions. OHL Gutermuth has made a name for itself throughout the world in special valves and offers customized solutions for shutting off, throttling and regulating media under extreme conditions. Some special solutions we can offer to you are: -Angle, 3 way, and 4 way switching valves for sulfur recovery units -Angle valve with pressure-balanced seat. Conditions of use: Hot gas with differential pressure of 6 bar and working temperature of 1100°C. -Hot gas mixing valve, possible design temperatures up to 1400°C. -Butterfly valves with noise reduction cone. Noise reduction up to 25 dba. -Butterfly valves with heating jacket used in case of caking media. -Butterfly valves, fully made from Titanium used for aggressive media, specialized in shipbuilding. -ESD (Emergency shut down) solutions with quick operating time of 0,1 –1 seconds. Available up to size DN 2000 or 80“. Actuator solutions as pneumatic, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic.

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