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At MicroWatt, our primary goal is to improve the performance of our customers operations through the innovative application of technology. We accomplish this through our unique engineering services group and our wide range of world-class industrial process and safety solutions. We're very proud of our 30 year history and our team is dedicated to unparalleled customer service and support.
SafeGuarding Products & Services - From the beginning we recognized that our business was not to simply represent SafeGuarding Products & Systems manufacturers. The MicroWatt team of safety experts is able to provide our customers with years of experience in flame and gas detection and burner control application consultation, training, on-site installation assistance, calibration and repair services. Our technicians, located at all of our satellite locations, are professionally trained and factory certified. Maintaining a local stock of every safety product line we carry also enables us to effectively satisfy our customer’s most critical delivery situations and our product support technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
Process & Analytical Solutions - Operators within industrial applications across western Canada all share constant pressure to reduce costs, increase output, conserve energy, and improve safety and emissions – all with fewer experienced workers than ever before. Which is why companies turn to MicroWatt for technologies, services and expertise to assist them with overcoming these difficult challenges. MicroWatt’s Process & Analytical Solutions group is continually adding new product lines to our portfolio as part of our commitment to providing you with quality, high performance solutions that will enable you to meet and exceed your objectives. Our solutions range from devices that measure and relay diverse physical and chemical conditions, controlling flow of materials, information networks, and process control systems that ensure up-time, safety, and efficiency.
LifeCycle Engineering & Field Services - Our LifeCycle Safety Engineering & Field Services group draws upon advanced technical expertise to empower our clients facilities to develop a complete LifeCycle methodology which ensures up-time is maintained, impacts of incidents are minimized, corporate reputation is protected, and compliance with legislation and corporate standards is complete. The ultimate goal is to empower our clients to optimize during conformance, through the implementation of advanced techniques, recognized international safety standards, and engineering best practices related to burner controls and fire and gas detection systems. We provide a complete execution path with individual processes and methods to be utilized, the resources and tools required, and certified training to manage ongoing change within your facility.

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