Gridcom Enterprises Ltd.

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  • Booth 1217
Unit B4 - 19323 - 94th Avenue
Surrey, BC - Canada - V4N 4E6
Gridcom Enterprises Ltd. concentrates on building the most complete range of braking resistors for off-road diesel electric mining trucks and electric loaders. It has been over 25 years since Gridcom Enterprises Ltd. opened its doors for operations in February 1991. Gridcom early years were defined by servicing local mines with dynamic braking grid resistor repairs and sales of individual parts, nevertheless it wasn’t long before Gridcom Enterprises Ltd. became manufacturer of new resistors and started operating as a worldwide supplier. In 1995 Gridcom moved to its present and larger facility in Surrey, BC, Canada to ensure the quality of their products by using the latest technologies. Since then, USA and South America have become the strongest international markets for Gridcom with active sales in Chile, Brazil and Colombia. As a result, in 2012 Gridcom opened a new branch in Santiago, Chile. Gridcom Chile SpA is now fully operating and providing services to local Chilean mines. The company introduced new after-market option for J model grid resistor at Minexpo 2016. This model takes further advantage of improvements that Gridcom implemented already in the previous version (D model), like round openings in the insulator plates or even spacing between the element fins. The competition is only now introducing these advancements while Gridcom takes full benefit due to the fact these have been used for over 10 years in all resistor models Gridcom produces.

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