Good Earth Tools

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150 Industrial Drive
Festus, MO - United States - 63028
Good Earth Tools, Inc. (GET) is a manufacturing company that specializes in wear-proofing industrial products. We are pioneers in the engineering and manufacturing of solid Tungsten Carbide solutions to fight wear problems, downtime, and replacement costs in industrial applications. Founded in 1964, GET has grown steadily to become a world leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing Tungsten Carbide solutions for wear problems. We have developed and produced wear-resistant products for use in mining, agriculture, power generation, cement, construction, materials handling, mineral processing, oil and gas, size reduction, drilling, crushing, and other industrial applications. Our products are designed for long service life and difficult service applications where downtime and premature wear failures are not an option. GET’s engineers have years of product design experience, ranging from custom products to long production runs. In our 100,000 square foot facility, we can provide full CNC machine shop capabilities, a variety of wear-proofing technologies including Tungsten Carbide Brazing, TigerCarb, FlexCarb and TuffCarb, with manufacturing and finishing capabilities to build cost-effective solutions to difficult wear problems. The entire team at Good Earth Tools is determined to “Partner with our customers to deliver the very best!” This is not just our mission statement, but the core focus of our business. From Engineering to Sales, Customer Service to Shipping, the GET team goes above and beyond to ensure that we provide top quality and long-lasting solutions for our customers. We know that every situation is unique, and we work hard to provide custom solutions. GET is located in Crystal City, Missouri USA.

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