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GEM Services take pride in doing whatever it takes to deliver a solid mat platform and increase project efficiency while minimizing costs. Our investment in access solutions go deeper than "traditional matting companies". We aim to improve logistics, support project execution and help protect equipment. We believe a total commitment to innovation will create opportunity for growth and sustainability in the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. We are investing in providing meaningful business opportunities for First Nations that will serve to enhance environmental performance. Ekomat is an initiative where we will be creating a circular economy around the oil and gas industry. We are taking the most problem waste plastics in the world (dirty low density polyethelyne - LDPE) as a feed stock for the Ekomats. The Ekomats will then be used to protect sensitive landscapes. We will be working with 1st Nations to establish a processing plant in Alberta this will set a new standard for waste management and promote positive environmental outcomes for our Oil and Gas Industry. Working with 1st Nations to change the course of plastic pollution will have a generational effect on 1st nation economic and social well being in addition to helping Canadian society meet Zero-Waste targets.

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