DSS Valves

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DSS Valves is a streamlined team of engineering and manufacturing professionals dedicated to creating premier Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (SSKGVs) for critical applications in Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Municipal, Pulp & Paper, Steel and Wastewater industries. North American Made We’ve found a simple solution to make sure our valves exceed the highest global industry standards and it’s pretty darn simple — we don’t take chances and we don’t cut corners. Our valves are made from start to finish entirely in North America and that’s something we’re very proud of. Designed for Severe Service Our design excellence didn’t happen overnight. Our team of engineers spent decades improving and perfecting the finest details of our product line. We cut our teeth creating valves able to withstand the harshest severe service applications where leakage is not an option and unexpected valve failure simply cannot happen. Bi-Directional Zero Leakage Our Severe Service Knife Gate Valves come in a single or a double block and bleed configuration. Both models offer zero leakage, bi-directional isolation that reliably meets or exceeds API, ASME and MSS specifications. We produce valves that can isolate from full vacuum to ASME Class 900/PN 150 pressures (2220 psig/153 barg). Don’t let that stop you though—we’re eager to shoot for even higher pressure—we just haven’t met a customer who’s needed it yet. If you have a special request please let us know. The Lowest Cost of Ownership Shutting down operations to replace a faulty valve is expensive, time consuming and detrimental to your bottom line. While no valve lasts forever, we guarantee our revolutionary Guided Shear Gate design will outperform the competition while being easier and less costly to maintain.