Center Lift Inc.

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Center Lift specializes in moving and lifting marine assets such as vessels, barges, and pipelines, using pneumatic rollers. Center Lift’s pneumatic lift / launch system provides clients with a flexible, time saving, safe, and cost-effective alternative to other heavy lift methods. Our pneumatic rollers can be used to transport heavy objects, weighing in excess of 6,000 tons, over various types of terrain allowing customers the freedom to move, construct, or repair assets in any location. Our patented pipeline lifting method utilizes pneumatic bags and our patented Stability Control System to lift pipelines without damage, spreading the lifting loads out over a large area, reducing pinpoint pressure on the pipeline. We can lift long sections of pipeline at one time enabling clients to reclaim larger sections with less heavy equipment, such as side-booms, significantly reducing the environmental footprint by up to 70% compared with traditional pipeline installation methods. Our innovative pipeline lifting system: • Requires almost no heavy equipment and small crews. • Is easily used in remote and environmentally sensitive locations. • Uses compressed air instead of hydraulics. • Is fully transportable by helicopters, air boats or other small craft. • Has low load bearing pressures, reducing stress on pipelines.

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