Carbon Controls Ltd.

  • Exhibit Hall A
  • Booth 1207
Bay 203, 11979 - 40th Street SE
Calgary, AB - Canada - T2Z 4M3
Carbon Controls is a leading provider of technical sales and services, specializing in: Alarm Signaling (Call Points, Horns, Strobes, Industrial Telephones, Process Monitors, Security Cameras), Electric Motor Control Solutions; Harmonic Solutions (Filters, MCCs, Motor’s, VFD’s), Fire and  Gas Detection, Flow, Level, Pressure  and Temperature Instrumentation (Custody Transfer Flowmeters, Ultrasonic Liquid Meter, Mag Meters, Turbine Flowmeters for Gas or Liquids),  Wireless Automation Solutions (wireless gateways, Battery  powered I/O Modules and Level, Temp, Pressure Transmitters), operating at -40°C. Carbon Controls has formed strategic alliances with world renowned companies like GE, Scott Safety, Simtronics, OleumTech, Reonix, FHF, GDS Corp, MEDC, Faure Herman, Greyline Instruments, and Turbine’s Inc  manufacturers of quality and reliable equipment. With Carbon Controls Team of Experts combining unparalleled application experience in Oil and Gas, Chemical Plants, Pulp and Paper and Water and Wastewater plants, we provide innovative solutions that will improve your process and reduce your operating and maintenance costs.