Applied Material Sciences (AMS)

  • Exhibit Hall C
  • Booth 3304B
42 Amberley Dr
Toronto, ON - Canada - M1R 4K3

AMS (Applied Material Sciences) is a Canadian company specializing in materials for the heavy industry. With AMS smart rubber and protective coatings, it is now possible to protect and line mining equipment and pipelines by automated robotic processes rather than manually. Besides the huge economical, environmental, and sustainable benefits from eliminating high VOC materials and energy consuming autoclaves, the customer can now have customized liner for their specific application. Low surface energy for faster flow rate of slurry through pipes. Specific chemical resistance. Non-stick properties to bitumen and tar. And more functional properties all possible with AMS smart rubber.

Products & Services

  • Abrasion & Corrosion Control
  • Chemical Sales
  • Coatings
  • Industrial Product Supply
  • Pipeline Coating