About EventWorx Corporation

The philosophy of the EventWorx Corporation is fairly simple. Human beings by their very nature want to belong to a family, a clan, a group or a gathering where they share experiences of common interest with others. Events, in whatever form, are gatherings of likeminded people coming together to share in celebration, commerce, education, and even death. Above it all, they come to share an experience. Social media and the Internet have enabled people from around the world to share just like an event, with a major limitation, the lack of direct human interaction.  From time to time, we still need and want face-to-face interaction with one another.  Social media and the Internet are conduits for bringing people together; but we believe face-to-face interactions and handshakes are still the best way to meet and do business. So, our philosophy is simple, events work. 


EventWorx is new to the marketplace; but our team comes together with years of event and business launch experience.  Our backgrounds and experiences have taught us plenty, but here are some of the things we value most:  We work hard and enjoy what we do. We believe in creating exceptional experiences for all of our customers. Treat others, how we wished to be treated. Under promise, over deliver on our expectations, or make it right.  And have fun, life is short.


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Our Other Brands

East Coast Canada's Premier Energy Event

Join us at the meeting place for East Coast Canada’s energy industry, June 20-21 at Mile One Centre, St. John’s, NL. Get hands-on with new technology driving innovation in the market and network with your current and future clients, business partners, and associates.

Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show is held in partnership with the annual Noia Conference, the preeminent East Coast oil & gas education event.

Realizing the Potential of North America's Chemistry Industries

To better represent the entire Chemical Industry, PetroChem Canada is now Chemistry Canada.

The chemical industry in North America is experiencing a resurgence. The chemical industry is a diverse group of manufacturing companies that operate in all regions of North America. ChemistryCanada brings together the primary industry players representing chemicals, chemical products, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, and biochemicals. The goal of ChemistryCanada is to bring industry operators together with governments, academia and service & supply to meet, share knowledge and forge long term relationships.

ChemistryCanada 2018 will provide insights into how Canada can position itself to be a competitive player on the global chemical stage; as well as offer an expanded technical program and exhibition.

Mark your calendar for September 25-26, 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta