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CiDRA Oilsands Ltd. has been a service and technology provider to the Mineable Oilsands Industry for over nine years, providing industry-specific solutions aimed at increasing safety, reliability and recovery. CiDRA has built an award-winning local team of service professionals in Ft. McMurray with a local warehouse to provide service and support when needed – 24x7x365 days a year.

SONARtrac® non-contact flow and entrained air measurement systems have fast become the standard for aggressive and difficult to measure slurry flows and have helped enable step-change increases in reliability and uptime for slurry transport pipeline systems. The passive sonar architecture has been extended to provide insight into the fluid dynamics of a slurry line used to detect the presence of a stationary sand-beds, partially filled pipes, and other conditions that impact operations.

CiDRA’s slim profile HALO™ SMARTring tools and services provide on-demand, permanent, fixed pipe wear measurements. HALO services have been commercial for over three years – and three ‘Ft. McMurray winters’ – delivering accurate, timely and consistent measurements even under conditions when a pipe is covered with sand or snow. Customers have realized immediate results in uptime through the elimination of pipe ruptures; the reduction of maintenance costs through the extension of pipe life of up to 70%, and an increase in operating efficiencies through enhanced scheduling thereby helping to optimize turnarounds and pipe purchase acquisition costs. HALO measurement services have also contributed to the enhancement of process safety.

CiDRA professionals, combining the unique measurements of SONARtrac velocity, entrained air, and sand-bed detection with the HALO SMARTring measurements are leveraging this information with its customer’s expertise to further understand the complex modes of wear degradation, including effects of erosion/corrosion, sliding and stationary sand beds. HALO has enabled the move away from “swimming in data” to transforming data to information to actions.